Ceasars / WilliamHillUS

Disappointing that Caesars / WilliamHillUS has been offline this long. Makes rebel practically worthless for US customers.

Since being limited at all the Kambi books I haven’t made a dime in 6 months. I cannot see any reason to renew at this point, sad, we had a good thing going.

Im in a similar position to you, limited practically everywhere —and RB do seem to be experiencing a lot of issues obtaining odds. It seems Value Betting long term is unsustainable…We all get gubbed and some get their friends and family gubbed as well! Soft Bookmakers are ever quicker at spotting us :slight_smile:
I guess the approach is make the most of it whilst you can.

Hi, Sorry to hear about your limitations. Are you limited so you can’t place a single bet on all Kambi bookmakers? Are you limited to zero?
Because even if you get stake restrictions you should still be able to put down some bets (even if you can’t bet the suggested stake size). Just bet as much as you can. And if you can find the same odds at another clone bookmaker then bet there too - so that it adds up to the suggested sum you want to bet. Is this not possible for you?

Also - regarding WH, we are working on getting them back. We a lot of issues lately missing odds from bookmakers, but our phenomenal and hard-working dev team is working on bringing them back. In fact, we just got DraftKings back - are you able to use them?

Also - which other bookmakers would you like us to add to RebelBetting?