Clear previous bets / restart a new plan

Hi my plan has started to go badly so I want to reduce my stake and start again. It’s too depressing watching my expected EV line go up while my actual profit goes through the floor.
How can I clear all the previous bets and start fresh?

I’ve lost confidence so want to use a smaller stake and ride out the variance.

Wouldn’t it just be nicer to ride the wave and work with your current one? Be true to yourself and see if rebel works or not in the long term?

Hi! Please email and we’ll help you regarding this.

My wave has been steadily going DOWN over the last month. Very disappointing

What settings are you using?
Are you betting on all kind of sports and bet types?

Hi Nifty I’ve used the default settings for months but then it took a nose dive. I’ve changed in the last few weeks to Lars’s settings but haven’t halted the slide unfortunately. All bookie accounts are limited so I’m using betfair, smarkets and matchbook . Cheers for any advice

Settings are:
Odds: 1.5 - 2.75
Value: 1.5 - 8%
Hide starting after: 0.5 days (12 hrs)
Kelly: 30%
Max stake: 2%

And I’m betting all sports and bet types

Looks good. (the settings, I’m using 1% max stake)
Try removing “over/under” bets and see if it works better for you.
I don’t play over/under here on rebel. have also read others complaining over it too.
(I’m only playing soccer, hockey is like lotto for me)

Cheers boss I’ll definitely try that. Thanks for the advice Nifty

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How do you use Matchbook and Smarkets here? Are they included in the desktop app? How many bets are you able to place just using exchanges?