Closing line value for sports

Can we have this numbers for basketball too ?

Basketball Unders for the past year, greatly overperforming the CLV :+1:t2::

And the past three months has been really good for basketball unders:

Thank you !! Can we have for esport too ?

Hi @Bjorn, why did you rule out the Overs?

Wasn’t it that what @100EveD asked for?

Here’s all odds types for basketball last 12 months:

I mean, why is the software ruling out the Overs on all sports, leaving only Unders to bet on. Is it because it was not profitable to bet on Overs after few years running this service?

Only Overs for Football has been removed. Not for other sports.

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Last 12 months

Ahh, got it. My misunderstanding, sorry about that. So overs on football are not profitable at all? How much data did you have before you removed it? I’m curious because in the last six months, I was very profitable on football overs/unders

Based on half a million bets: