CLV per bet to tracker?

You mentioned several months ago that CLV per bet would be coming to tracker. What is the status of that? It would be very helpful to see what works and what does not…


I agree, that would be a very welcome add-on ! and this shouldn’t be rocket science given the fact it’s already calculated in the current reporting :slight_smile:

This is planned but not a priority. Perhaps you can explain why CLV on an individual bet is interesting because I can’t really see the value :smiley:

We already show total CLV, but I can see the value of adding it to the reports so you can see CLV per bookie/sport/market during a particular date range. This might be more interesting?

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I agree that having a deepdive per market/sport for the clv would be very interesting.

Having it per bet would be interesting just for the sake of understanding big swings in CLV (outliers). This can help identify markets with too much volatility if you are risk averse.


I think showing the CLV on individual bets would be really useful. We could then identify trends in certain areas of our betting. We could make own charts etc.

I’m sure it would also make the beginners more confident about the software when they could clearly see that the algorithm works and the bets do have value. Would be especially important during downswings, so that people don’t quit when they are losing.

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To add to the previous I definitely agree that seeing the CLV per bookie/sport/market during a date range would be very useful aswell :+1: