CLV Pretty Much Flat

I know I am new and low on bets (been doing a few days and upgraded to Pro). I am in the US and am limited on what books I can use so only have Bovada and Betonline currently. Most of my positive EV’s are in the 2-3% range and I am up overall but CLV is concerning. Just got lucky.

Thoughts on what I should do? What are optimal times to look for bets?

See snippets below. Any help is appreciated!


I think it’s just luck, you have a very small sample, it will adjust over time and this Yield is not possible in the long term. Keep going, you will have a better picture of the variation.


correct. CLV doing much better as I am closer to 300 bets. got to keep betting!


Are you all working on BetUS or Mybookie at all? I am pretty limited on what I can use.

Just curious. thanks!