Constantly getting gubbed by Bet365


I’ve been using Rebelbetting for a long time now mainly on Bet365 but in the last 4 weeks 3 of my accounts have been gubbed. This never ever happened to me before and I’ve been aware of all the necessary things to do before starting to value bet on an account and I did all of them without missing a single one of them.

Anyone else experiencing limitations recently? Is it only me? I am using Bet365 accounts from Hungary, could it be only regional?

No it’s not regional, bet365 accounts don’t last 10 days nowadays in my experience. Mine avg less than a week. Staking doesn’t matter too, i know someone who got gubbed placing $3 stakes with less than a month of using the account. Bet365 are becoming worse than unibet.

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Thank for your your response! Yeah I agree lately bet365 has been rough for me, glad to hear I’m not the only one, and it isn’t regional.
Has it been this bad for a long time now or just recently? I’ve been experiencing this much limitation for a while now.
What do you think, is it only seasonal?

The gubbing got rampant this year, before bet365 accounts avg 3-5k but now…

I don’t think it’s seasonal but the fact that sporting events are drying up makes us valuebettors stand out like sore thumbs, comes September it might get better or worse when a lot sporting events resume and we blend in with the mugs or could get worse as their system could get better at spotting us.

Rumors say they started to use AI to spot the smart guys :shushing_face:
Just joking, I actually have no idea, but I guess with the amount of data they have, it should not be too difficult to train an AI to pre-digest the spotting work.

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Hi,can you please tell me when using multiple bookies account with new phone and sim card,can you use a new sim card under your own name without
getting caught by bookies or do is it safer to ask the person to take a new sim card under his name

I no longer change devices, sim cards or anything. I just clear cookies and cache, that’s the most i do. I expect accounts to not last two weeks and this motivates me to place a lot of bets within a short period of time.

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my own bet365 account is 4-5 yrs old and since a lot accounts getting gubbed quickly recently i decided to bet mainly on weekends for now.I dont usually never make over 50 bets on bet365 just to keep my account longer,do u think if i make 50-100 value bets on bet365 regularly,i will get detected fast and get restricted instantly

You’re gonna get gubbed wether you make 1 bet daily, i know someone who got gubbed doing $3 stakes. My advice is, place as many as possible in shortest time possible.

You might get lucky and run undetected for some months and you wanna make the most of such opportunities should they arrive not waste it placing just 50 bets when you can do more.

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My goal is to maximise the profit not account longevity.


thanks for helping out

i wouldnt care about account longevity too if i had multiple account,but right now i have none,also i have longer rb subscription so if i gubbed,my paid subscription will be wasted

You can pause the subscription. I suggest that you do that until (there are some limitations for pausing - how long, and how many times) you managed to “borrow” accounts.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think pausing the subscription is possible anymore.

If you know you cant use the service for a longer time you could always try and message the staff team for a temporarily subscription pause.

Why is it not possible anymore? I just had it paused for about two weeks.

The pause button seems to be gone, I once messages support about it (2 months ago or so) and they told me they disabled it.

If you dont change sim cards,how are you registering multiple account with same phone number?