Coolbet - the most requested bookmaker now added

The most requested bookmaker added

You asked, and we listened. Coolbet is now added to all RebelBetting products.

  • Wide selection of sports and multiple markets, particularly football
  • Good range of payment options
  • Fast payouts and support
  • Mainly focused on the Scandinavian market but also Canada and Chile

If you are interested in making money on sports using Coolbet – now is a great time to try value betting or sure betting. You can get up to 25% off.

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great job !!

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great job !!

Thank you :slight_smile:

After 10 days of value betting I haven’t found (or Rebelbetting have not) found a single value bet on Coolbet. Is this because a lot of sports is off season or anything else? My settings are pretty much standard and all sports/markets.

Coolbet has been broken / not working for a while. I’m also a bit disappointed that there’s no information / status incl. any timelines when these kind of things are being fixed.


Wish Rebelbetting could keep an list over bookmakers that doesn’t work. No use in depositing money to a bookamker that turns out to not work. What about BetOnline? Seems like that is another bookmaker whereI’m not finding any value bets.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and are working on how to provide this kind of list to you. At the moment Coolbet is not working, but we hope to have them back as soon as we can.

Does Coolbet still work? There hasn’t been a single bet there.

Why I can’t add coolbet to my bookmarkers in options? @Hanna can you give me a help?

We do not offer their odds anymore, sorry! But they are on top of our wish list. We are working on adding them again.

Coolbet hasn’t been available for over two years, and for that whole time its been said that “they are working on adding them back soon” , so probably it isn’t going to happen.

Coolbet has very low limits anyway, or anyone has good accounts there? Feels for any +100e size they would ask for trader approval that can take 1-10minutes.