Current results after almost 3000 bets (2.5 months worth)

Screenshot (110)

Very happy with my results so far. I’ve recently been fully restricted on UniBet, where I took my balance from £250 to £700, so very happy with that. I’m now exclusively using Bet365, which I’m sure most of us know is by far and away the best site. £800 deposited on there and profit of ~£1400. I’m trying to take as much money from bet365 as possible before I eventually get restricted, so will probably dump some more money in there soon.

Settings I currently use (Past 2 weeks):

  • Current bank roll: £3000
  • Min/max value: 4% - 20%
  • Min/max odds: 1.4 - 3.0
  • Stake sizing (Kelly): 30%, with adjusted for open bets ON
  • Max stake: 1.5%

How’s it been since you last posted mate? Any Updates?