Current Results and Issues - Help Appreciated

As a brief background, I started using RebelBetting about 3 weeks ago. I work as a teacher, so with the December/January holidays, I had time to really dive into things. This caught my interest.

I’ve read up on the math behind value betting and am well aware that I haven’t reached statistical significance yet. While the initial losses are frustrating (and handicap my ability to even bet back to even), I had to be prepared for variance and the negative part of value betting. My bigger issue is the bookmakers though.

Within the first couple weeks of starting, I was limited from Bet365, William Hill, and 10Bet. I then moved on to the Betwinner and 1xBet family. Both of these have now limited me as well through their odds lowering after logging in method.

I’ve done a decent amount of research on how to avoid limitations, but it’s a catch 22. You’re paying for a subscription that encourages you to bet on as much as possible while also trying not to do anything that will make the bookmakers suspicious too quickly. With many of the banned accounts, I took a scorched Earth strategy and just jumped in head first betting as much as I could. This obviously backfired.

I’d really like to get to a point where I can run a full/true test and see how successful RebelBetting can be. I follow the math and have enough trust in the algorithm they use to want to see this to the end. What I’m really struggling with all these limitations though.

Additionally, as I’m currently working out of country - in Central America where many bookmakers are unavailable - I’m struggling to find bookies that will both accept US citizens and people located in my region of the world.

My bigger questions are as follows:

  1. I’ve currently got Betway,, and 888Sport as the only bookies left that aren’t limited. The problem is, these bookies don’t give a large number of bets… Does anybody have insight on how quickly these books lend to limit players? I’ve completely stopped betting on low tier leagues after so many restrictions, but it feels like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place due to the low number of available bets.

  2. I’m not really interested in roping friends into lending out ID’s and bank accounts, but would love to open another account or two with some of the books that I’ve been limited on. Has anybody tried using other ID forms (I used a passport for my first account, but could use a residency card for my next if it would work) to open accounts. It wouldn’t be difficult to get a bank account with a different address than the one on file, but don’t want to waste my time if it can be avoided.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Volume over any sort of priming/account preservation is the approach that works for me.

Creating another account in your name using different id’s wont cut it. You might lose your money(winnings, deposits) as that’s against their t&c.

Unfortunately we all have to ask friends for their id’s as that’s the only option for now. I recommend you do the same and focus on the main books rather than opening accounts at books with lesser volume and wasting your time, but hey, if you don’t wanna do that then fine, you can still squeeze out some money from those books if you’re devoted enough.

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