Czech Republic?

Does anybody from Czech Republic use this sites surebets? If yes which betting company you use thanks a lot

Hi, the betting office Betano has recently started operating in the Czech Republic. And she is listed by Rebel Betting.
Otherwise, Iā€™m from the Czech Republic, but because I also stay abroad, I bet via Bet365.

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and is it profitable for you? can you get back to me on my email? -removed- would like to talk about surebeting thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey guys, nice to see some Czechs over here. I do also use bet365 mainly.

For how long have you been using the RB software, @Joza_Kolar?

Hi, I accidentally discovered it this spring. I tried the 14-day version and now ordered a monthly membership.

Thanks for joining! :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy our products and that you will make good money using them.
Happy betting!