Deeper analysis feature request

I was wondering if it would be possible to add deeper analysis to your bets.

For example you can see which sport you are most successful in. Would it be possible to open soccer for example and then see which type of bets within that field you are most successful in, like under 2.5 won 50 lost 20.

or soccer - AH 0.5+ won 43 lost 21 etc etc

I feel like if you can see which type of bets within the category would help you to alter your bets and be more profitable


We will add some sort of big-data analysis in the future, where you can see aggregated statistics from ALL users (anonymized of course).

Until then, we are constantly monitoring results and making improvements. If we see a clearly unprofitable combination of sport, market and bookmaker.

Drawing any conclusions from your own bets is pretty useless until you’ve placed 6000 bets or so :slight_smile:


Hi Simon! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I saw a post from 2020 and was wondering if that was implemented - Downloadable bet data for analysis - #9 by Simon

Do you think it would be possible to add another tracker option so that it would be possible to track bets that you dont actually take and analyse the results without it effecting the actual bets that you take

At the moment I am a little sceptical about some bets but my solution at the moment is to just bet 50p to track them but it is mixing up with my actual normal value bets

I know some people say take every bet but I know there are some that are cautious of that. At least having a separate tracker to track bets you dont want to take would help to see the results and improve :slight_smile:

The big data analysis will solve this, but until then a hack would be to log bets with 0 stake. Analysing them separately will be a challenge though.

I will try to do this. Thank you