Deposit Recommendations

What amount is ideal for a one time, first time deposit on bet 365 without raising flags? $2500 usd? Please reply with your first deposit and how long the account lasted

Please any recommendations? And experiences? As i wanna deposit around 2k

if you make large deposits (to bet365) you are red flagged and you will be limited soon. I try it with 500 euros at the beginning, then add another euros for 4-5 days. and so on.
I was limited to some addresses only after 2 bets, but here it is not difficult to find an account, so I have

First of all, thanks a lot for ur feedback i appreciate a lot.

if i may ask how much did deposit first and how long did the account last?

My first account; deposited $450 first, the went on to later add $350. Went on to make 6k with the account before being gubbed.

If you can share yours like this, I would really appreciate. Thanks once again

There account that lasts 2-3 months. But those who lastst are those i make some treble tickes by myself :wink: if you play just rebelbetting matches, they will understand. I think they have some limits even by country. If you live i europe the account will last more, but if you live in third country (as i live, albania) they will limited fast

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Thanks for your reply, i appreciate mate

If you can elaborate what you mean by “treble tickes”

3 matches, tickets. chosen by me, just to look like a normal player ;p.