Didn't read enough and messed up my beginning. What's next? Suggestions?

Hi, Bettors!
I just started value betting in Australia and went in full on, as I trusted the system. As I had plenty of money for bankroll (20k), I started making up to 300$ bets. After one week I got restricted on bet365 (can make 2,5$ bets) and in Unibet restrictions vary (~4-30$) Because of the variance, my account is in red, but hoping to creep up to green with restricted bets.

Would like to ask a few questions and need tips to “start again”.
One option is to ask a friend(s) to get another account(s) and keep going. Should I keep the bet size under 50$/25$, and limit the number of bets per account per day? does it matter?
And do I need another IP(VPN) or even another device?

Another question to Finnish value bettors. As I am originally from Estonia and moving back to home soon. Is it possible for me to start betting in Finland? What documents do I need to register an account there and prove that I am actually there?

Another plan is to travel to Canada with a working holiday visa and enjoy value betting there while working and travelling.

Long story, but all suggestions are more than welcome.
Keep generating positive EV!

This is my result page when I got restricted. At the moment it is a bit better.

What was your initial deposit on bet365?

Hi and welcome to the community.
It su## to be limited so fast!
You should definitely arrange for a new network and a new device if you intend to “borrow” and bet on someone else account.

Some members like a “hit them hard” approach. This is done by depositing a bigger amount and putting down as many bets as possible. The account might last for a few weeks but during that time the goal is to extract as much value as possible before being limited.

The more common approach is to go gently with the account by depositing a limited amount (around 1000$) and bet like a normal punter, for 3-4 weeks. Only after this preparation method should you start value betting.
Maybe members from Finland and Canada can answer the country specific questions?
Both countries should have some oversight/regulation agency that handles betting and gambling matters.

Are those the only two books you access to?

I did many deposits of 1000$, just to get more bets in.

I can access a few more sites (Ladbrokes, NedsAU, PlayUp, TabAU, Palmerbet), but they have way less value betting options. And I don’t know if I should be careful betting on those sites or put as large bets as reasonable.