Difference between Trial and Starter

Hello everyone. Im new to value betting and wonder if there is a difference between the Trial version and the Starter subscription. I dont receive value bets over 5% now. Is there a difference between the number of bets that I will receive if I subscribe to the Starter?
Im not starting very well with the trial and after the 165 bets, Im minus 132 euros. Thank you


Yes. The Free trial is a limited version.

  • Only a limited number of value bets up to 5% are shown.
  • Access all bookmakers except for the sharp ones (like betting exchanges and brokers).
  • Open up to 50 bets.
  • Can be used for 14 days.

Starter includes bets up to 7% and there is no cap on the number of bets you can open/place.
We will make sure to clarify this on our website! :slightly_smiling_face: