.dk bookies/links when finding bets from VB

Hi there,

Recently found out that VB offers “find/open bet” feauture with one click. Until now, I had used search function w phone. For whatever reason my phone is quicker than my desktop. Using this feature would save me a ton of time.

Anyhow, the problem is, that i can’t choose .dk bookies under options. For example, i can only be guided to bet365.com/se/fr etc.

Is there any way for you to add .dk bookie to the list?

For some reason, I am not logged in when opening .com sites. DK players have to use a special login authorisation gateway when logging in from deksptop, which just complicates the matters.
Thanks a lot.

For now Unibet.dk, bet365.dk, 888.dk, bwin.dk, would be great.

I tried installing feature on browser, that lets me browse as mobile user from desktop, but it didnt work out either.

@Simon @Hanna

If the format of the event links are identical, this can be added quickly.