Do you have any advice?

Hi there. Hope you are all right. I just want some advice. After 114 bets (10 pending) I am in -82 dollars (+80 dollars vb subscription) so maybe I am doing something wrong. I started one week ago (19 bets x day). I tried to read as much as I can about vb. I know its about volume, but just want to share my worries. I really invested a lot of time trying to find the best bets. I always checked the odd in asian bookies to see if the value is good enough. So after 40 bets in a day, I delete (cashout) 20 that has lost their value, but even that seems not to work. I also thought that if I don’t bet in O/U market I would win more. Think that’s not true at all. Maybe the fact you loose in O/U makes you win in other markets (AH, Threeway, etc). For example, currently O/U seems to be my best market, while the others are negative.

My settings are the basic ones. Kelly 30%, Odds (1.3-3.1), Max Bet 2.0 % Edge 2-99% and just events before 6 hours. Try to keep my odd avg close to 2.00

My Bank is 1000 dollars (now 900 for the software),

Sorry for my bad English. I will keep betting but carefully. As my university has already started I won’t have time to always check the odd at asian bookies, so my volume will increase. Hopefully I will catch the EV.


Please see your inbox as I have sent you a pm with more in-depth explanations and help. But note that this is normal - there will be variance and you will learn that value betting is not about winning every bet. It’s about long term profit and you need a larger volume of bets. At least a couple of thousand bets. So, you should not draw any conclusions whatsoever after just 100 bets. See our beginner tips here:


Sorry to hear that you had a rough start. It is just bad luck at the beginning. It can swing both ways.

Please note that 255 bets is not much. You need a bigger sample size of bets to reduce the variance. Please read more about why the volume of bets matters:

This is why you need to keep having faith in the system and trust in the process that you’ll make money long term.

Send me a chat message on our website chat or email me and I’ll help you further if you need personal guidance.