Does a VPN cause account limitation

Hi there - new to RB but I’ve been matched betting and similar for a few years now. I understand that it’s recommended to use a VPN and I’m wondering what peoples experience of this is.

My understanding has always been that using a VPN is more likely to get your account limited. For the very reason that the bookie can see that you are using a VPN which immediately puts a red flag next to your account.

Can’t they always see your log in details and bank details regardless of your location? I’ve used the same bookies for some time now and if my location suddenly starts moving all over the place wouldn’t this cause suspicion?

Interested to hear peoples thoughts.


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I have no knowledge on this, but it seems that using a VPN is actually calling more attention to yourself. I use “private” mode on my browser and delete cookies. So, I, too, am eager to hear what more experienced people think.

Not sure if you are still out there James, but this may be relevant for someone else who reads this.

I do a lot of travelling (when COVID allows), especially to the USA where a lot of bookie sites don’t work. I have been using a VPN to make them think I’m back in my home country. I have been doing it for a couple of years without issue.

The only bookie I know of whose website detects a VPN and won’t allow you access is Bet365. I’ve accidentally tried to go there a few times with my VPN on, but have never had any complaints from them.