Does anyone know who the odds provider for this site is?


I’ve just started using rebelbetting to place value bets, but I’ve been doing it for a long time already using other resources. I’m limited at every book worth betting at nowadays, so I’ve resorted to doing it on crypto books with some success, and I thought I’d get rebelbetting hoping it can add something.

My question is does anyone know the odds provider for sites like The reason I ask is because that site is not in the rebel software but if I know the odds provider I can hopefully match the site up to another site that is within the software.

Hope someone can help.

Hi B_H and welcome to the community.
Have you tried to ask them how they source their odds?

I have been thinking of a way to ask them without tapping the tank. Perhaps anonymously somehow. The reason being is that I’m up 5 figures on their site in a couple of weeks and I don’t want to raise any flags.

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I see you are a Liverpool fan :slight_smile: …are u based in UK? Im in your exact same postion…gubbed everywhere to the point where I am questioning if its economic to renew next year. DO you mind if I ask which bookies you have been able to use that relate to Bookies listed with Rebel? Ive made several requests for them to add more UK available bookies such as Tonybet , but the reply is always the same …so a case of waiting infinitely

I’ve never heard of Do you bet only using crypto? sounds cool but also would they even limit you if its with crypto instead of money?

Also cant you just ask them to pull the odds from I dunno how it all works :')