Does bookmaker know our IMEI, DEVICE ID, or MACHINE ID etc?

hello rebel community
do you think is it safe if i switch id using new 4g simcard without changing the router and laptops?
I clean cookies and switch sim card

Previously i switch new phone and new sim card, but i think it takes too much work. can I recycle my ID only by clear cookies and change new sim card?

Maybe if you use their client application.

  • Always use the web app.
  • Use a VPN service to hide your IP and location.
  • Using a 3G/4G connection is also good because you get new IP and is not easy to trace
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it depends on bookmaker

for bet365, I’m not using VPN, I’m logging from more devices, different IP’s … I’m using same device for more accounts … and no problem

they can not block you only by IP … becouse more users can have one same IP (provided by ISP)

Do you folks ever press the Bet button here at Rebel when you place your bets?
I would think that was a big no-no as the bookies will know that the bet is placed by someone informed.
Just like they don’t like customers who use oddschecker, oddsportal etc.

clicking on “BET” do not send referrer to booking …
referrer = what page the user came from
I already tried it

in generally - it still deppends on link (tag A) - if there is parameter “target” and what is that value