Doubled my money in under 1400 bets

So, i have doubled my money (£3 short) in less than 1400 bets which is pretty decent.
I have my gripes about the software which is documented in another thread so my journey has involved guesswork on filters.
I started pretty much on the default settings and had a great start, then variation set in and pretty much lost everything i had earned.
I then flat lined for a while so i started tweaking after looking at my results which is not easy with the reporting.
I noticed that higher odds, which is pretty obvious will earn you higher wins, but very much less often and overall was losing me money, so i reduced those from 3.2 max down to 2.2 which sounds drastic i know.
I have also made up my own mind in terms of betting size.
With my current bankroll, the recommended bet size is around the £7 or £12 mark which most would say to round down or up depending which is closer. Personally i do this.
If fav i will place £10, if non fav or close to evens, £5, if hot fav, £20 and whether it is just variation or not, you can see the obvious upswing about 8th Dec.
With my current settings, the amount of bets i place has dropped alot which is fine as long as i am profitable which right now i am.
Whether this is good long term or not, time will tell, but just thought I would put it on here in case it helps

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Good results :+1:t2:
Please, can you share your settings?

Bare in mind these are my settings for now and not my whole time on RB, but these are what started the upswing in my opinion.

Congratulations on your great result! Keep up the good job betting. :slight_smile:

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Happy to see that, more or less, they seems to be the same of mine :grin:

In fact, all changed in positive way for me when I started to bet with values more than 4% and with bets with lower quotes


Well done!!

It looks like you omit Esports…which I find profitable, but include Basketball…which has always been crap for me ( even after 2243 bets)…so are you betting on every sport and every market?

Literally anything that pops up that i can get on :slight_smile: Never done Esports, no idea why lol
I am trying to lose my money over to smarkets from Bet365 by laying bets but i cant get rid of it quick enough as restricted especially on horse racing, Should be easier with football over the weekend :slight_smile:

Most members will be envious of your situation Paul!

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Maybe, but hopefully it carries on and hopefully it may help some.
There will be ups and downs no doubt at all, i still want the software to be better, but hard to complain too much based on these results.

Well, everything can be improved if you scrutinise…but overall Im well up too. Just been in doldrums for last month. Hope you continue profitting Mate!

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Im giving bb a chance again. Lets see how it goes for about 1000 bets and /or 1 month.

If Totrashbin is making the big move to BB, Ill jump into the fire with him :slight_smile:
Its only money we could lose, after all :slight_smile:

Ha-ha… As conspiracy tin-foil hats say “Do your own research”.
Remember more than +4% and less than 4h.

is that criteria JUST for basketball Mate?

Yep, it is

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I live in the UK…so that might wipe out most decent Value Bets :frowning:

Use your normal filters, just manually filter bball

Thanx!..Ill bare it in mind…already placed about 20 bets prior, so Ill have to cross my fingers that BB offers me a stroke of luck for the 1st time >2000 bets on it :slight_smile:

I am in the UK and i dont take time into account for BB or any other sport other than max 24 hours and i am doing okay.

Thats great to hear! Its amazing how many variations the community adopt. I wish somehow a BEST PRACTICE group of settings from all the most profitable members adopt. I often see “flash in the pan” members glaoting over massive profits after theyve only been value betting 5 minutes…Im more interested in people with a track record…and maybe RB default settings are actually long term the best anyway, Ive not been valu betting long enough to know. I keep making th efatal error of jumping on board with anyone who seems to be winning :slight_smile: