Download Results - Please Tell Me It Is Happening Soon?

Really would like to download my results so i can easily see what the sweet spots seem to be.

Example, from what i can tell, anything over 2.5 odds seem a total waste of time and money but it is hard to really tell without the ability to download results. Copy and paste is a ball ache!!

So, is it happening anytime soon. Seems a very simple thing to add to an already pretty clever website.

I disagree with bets on odds over 2.5. I do agree with the ability to download our own data!

Thanks for your feedback! Many people are asking about this, so this is on our to-do-list. :smiley:

Thank you Hanna, how long is the to do list though?
Give us a timescale please :slight_smile:

Based on my just about 1000 results, 2.5 and above look shocking. I assume yours is different?

Just downloaded my results.

Of the near 1000 bets

404 Wins avg odds 2.02 with a gain of £2131.54
365 Losses avg odds 2.15 with a loss of £1948.74

Whilst my sample size is still quite small, it does seem i should drop my filter back down from 3.2 to 2.9 max odds in my opinion.

I started like a steam train which i knew would not last, but ultimately, when you have data, you should use it to your advantage.

Oaky… I can’t see how you draw conclusions from what you posted. Of course, even with +EV, you will have more lost bets the higher the odds are (duh…?!). An important metric is the CLV. If we consistently can beat the CLV we can bet with expected long-term profit, regardless of the odds.

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What bit do you not understand?
Yes off course the higher the odds the less chance of it coming in, so surely lowering the odds metric will give you less variance and still a nice steady profit.
You mention CLV and beating it, what if the lower odds beats the CLV on its own :wink: More profit and still beatign the line.

Don’t know, like everyone else, we are all trying to find a sweet spot

Perhaps we should stick to the topic. We agree that we should have access to our own data/report for offline “slice and dice” analysis. It shouldn’t be so difficult to arrange to download our own data/betting outcomes.

That is great. But it was on your to-do-list in April as well. Can you give us an idea, or timeline, when we can expect that feature? Doesn’t seem to be that difficult to extract the relevant data from the RDBMS.

how did you download the results? its possible to view only 1 page of 100 bets…