Downloadable bet data for analysis


Would it be possible to get a csv or excel file with a few thousands bets placed on bet365? I would like to run some analysis (different max stake, kelly, odds limits, etc.) using python but don’t have enough bets placed yet for it to be significative. I don’t need anything specific, just a random sample that would be representative of the reality. The more bets the better but obviously I don’t expect you to dump all your data!

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Also, if any of you guys have some data you have collected I’ll gladly take it. :slight_smile:
(Thanks @tomrrowe for sending me your data !). I’ll provide the analysis once I have enough data for it to make sense.

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Not sure how I export only Bet365, but I’m happy to provide. My count is around 2220 (all bookies)

Send me a message and we can arrange it!

Hi kaloyan,

Having other bookmakers is fine actually so I would love to have your data. Do you have a way to retrieve it and send it ?

Looking at the report section I can export different stats, but not specific to stats with actual events / odds etc.

Is there any way we can export @Hanna , @Simon ?

Also I would love it if you could dump a dataset of this month’s placed bets for example @Simon @Hanna. It can be anonymized since I only need the value, odds and the result of the match (bet placed and match date would be a plus). :slight_smile: I’m thinking about using the Sortino ratio to see which settings would be the best for risk adjusted returns.

@kaloyan8907 Exporting and downloading your own BetTracker is coming.

@Shey The possibility of running reports on all user data will be coming later, for expert users. Will be very interesting to see what you can find :slight_smile:

Fun statistic of the day: ValueBetting sharpe ratio since 1 jan 2020 is 8.50. (For those who don’t know, a ratio of 3.0 or higher is considered excellent).

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That’s great to hear, do you have an approximate date for when we’ll be able to access all user bet data? And what’s considered an “expert user” ? :slight_smile:

I can’t give a reliable ETA yet.

Export is now available in the Pro plan.