Dropping odds at high percentages

many value bets come out with reduced odds. especially those with high percentages. even if I catch the match in real time, that is, as soon as it enters the system, it already has reduced coefficients. i play at bet365 mainly. is there a solution to this?

Do you mean that the line says +250 on RB, but when you go to the bookmaker it shows +240?

If so, there’s not much you can do really. You win some, you lose some. Cannot access bet365, but some bookmakers are definitely faster than others at adjusting their lines. I also think RB has a tendency to catch lines before they are fully done being posted, which leads to the situation above.

In addition, there’s always a couple of high value bets that are just hanging on my screen. Not because I haven’t bet on them, but because I can’t. If some bookmakers pull a match from betting altogether - it seems like the odds are still posted and “readable” to RB.

Expect some variation in outcomes, but higher value bets are more susceptible to the situations I’ve described.

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I noticed the same on Bet365. And I am worried that, catching more firm odds than crushed odds (before I can place the bet) will ruin my profit on Bet365.

I have the same issue in all the bookers I use… what I am thinking is that because now the matches are significantly lesser than a few weeks ago it’s easier for the bookies to adjust their wrong odds faster so more difficult for us to take advantage of them…


that is very true bro, they are not very busy now…they can manage everything easier cuz there are no bets.