Eager to start but... limited on books

I am from the US and very limited on books plus it seems getting cut off from books will be an issue especially with limited book options. Open for suggestions.

Hi! You are welcome to join. We’ll soon add more US bookmakers as well! How many/which bookmakers do you currently use?

Since I live in New Jersey where sports betting is legally run in the stay there are a few but some of the international ones are restricted. I have accounts in bet365.nj unibet.nj (I have read several members stating they were limited quickie at unibet and bet365 seems to have sharp lines. I have an account at betmgm.nj also. Most of these sites are a little different then the overseas version for example no horseracing which does not effect rebelbetting but williamhill is called ceasers sportsbook and is completely different. Mine main concern is going through a negative regression and then getting limited before balancing out variance and collecting profit. Seems a lot of challenges is once members are limited its hard to profit and they have more options for sportsbooks with the seevice then me.