Efbet Margins are lower than pinnacle's sometimes(Bet 365 Alternative...)

Hello admin, you should consider adding Efbet. There are a lot of value bets there. I don’t value bet with rebel betting for now(I’mma do that when I’m restricted on softs and have to bet on sharps as rebels pro subscription is cheap compared to the software I’m currently using).

A comparison between this bookmakers margins and pinnacles, highlighted odds key; yellow means best odds available, blue highlights means value bets.

Anyways, y’all should consider it, it will really increase turnover, ROI and Trades for members, i can proudly say that after bet 365, efbet comes second in terms of valuebets(Always do KYC/Upload documents before depositing on any bookmakers to avoid stories that touch)

This’s for the city chelsea game btw


Thanks for the recommendation. We first need to know that they allow more countries than Bulgaria. Anyone have experience with them?

Where can we compare odds of Efbet vs others?

See above :slightly_smiling_face:

More Screenshots
Yellow-Best odds available
Blue- Valuebets

  1. Poland(Women) Vs Romania (Women)

2. Brazil(Women) Vs Canada (Women)

cool what site is that for comparing the odds?

and also what are your presets or settings on trdmate

Which bookmakers do you use because bet365 are unlikely to have that patience?

Efbet is available in Macedonia too, so if it is possible, i will give it a try :slight_smile: Also, i have checked during the registering, a lot of countries are allowed and you have a Skrill payment method.

Any update on this? In terms of volume it’s almost on par with Bet365