Enable bets over 7% on starter pack - Provide more value for the people

I will go straight to the point.
Anyone who needs THE Pro plan is already a lot in profits so they are probably limited everywhere and that is why they need Pro plan so they can place value bets/sure bets with sharps, there is no other option for this kind of people therefore it makes sense to pay 200£/ a month.
They only way I will be back with using this software is to enable over 7% value bets on the Starter pack. I mean, in my opinion is not a good deal for me to pay 90£ and to be limited to 7% value bets and if I want to go over that 7% mark I have to pay MORE THAN double while I am getting a service like sure bets that i don’t really need. I understand that you guys have to make money but you need to provide for us more to charge the 90£ a month. I’ve currently stopped using your products because of this problem, I don’t see this deal fair… especially in the long run.

I am not aware of anyone in the RB community placing VBs on sharps.
If there are/is someone then I would love to get in touch with them.

I would also like to hear from anyone at all that is using a Asian Connect /RB value betting combo…as I am looking down the barrel at this being my only option as I am so limited.
I didnt realise that on the Surebets I am also limited :frowning: …I somehow thought that the Softs were comparing my bets with CLV and where I had an advantage, limited me…but its not the case…they are limiting me on everything----so I will be watching carefully how the new proposition pans out. Luckily I am paid up to August.

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