Error on rebel betting?

I’m trying to study the system because Skrill has freezed my money and they take forever to verify me. Today I have seen many errors in the system. At least I think so.
example in turkey soccer. There is many arbits listed where other team is from u19 league and the other from super league. So they are from two different matches and different starting times. If I have understood correctly this can’t be arbitrary bet because you can lose all your money. correct?

same also in Greece

Please read this FAQ on why situations like this can occur:

If you see this again, please send an email with a screenshot to support and we’ll take a look at that particular situation more closely.

heh, so you write it in faq and then it’s fine from your part and responsibility is customers.

as an old school programmer I call it just lazyness or unskilled programming.

thank god only bought week subscription

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No, it is not fine from our part, but the issue is not as trivial as one first might think. We are constantly improving all parts of the system to minimize these kind of mapping issues but we can never get a 100% perfectly matched structure.

It is of course always up to the end user to verify the bets they place, but we are doing the best we can. Thanks for understanding!

yes I know its my responsibility to check them but if I pay for the service it should work decently. Saturday around mid day in Finland there was about 250 arbs and I guess 240 of them was wrong. So its not just stupid but also very frustrating to follow and check them thru.

But good luck with fixing it… I guess this problem has been for long time so maybe time fix that scanner?

anyways I’m net to arbs and was very disappointed and decided to move on to another system. too much time wasted on scrolling and checking thru those


Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our services. Please see your mail inbox as I have just written to you. This community is not our main support channel. Please reply to my mail and we’ll investigate further. Thanks!


I also wrote about that error X or XY days ago

my betting stats and errors from 16.12.2019 unitl now (only for bet365):
bet not found: 1383 times
different odd not passed min value 1%: 963 times
betting ended or paused: 28 times
successfull bets: 836
value: min 1%
rates: 1.5-3.0

you can calculate that only 836 are OK from more than 3210 you offer (it is ONLY 26% !)


may i ask what is the unit bet size in bet365 ? i’ve got limited very easily in it…

I’ve got limited very easily too … after one week … I was just testing RB, with max bet amount 2€