eSports value betting results

Does anyone Have results for eSports betting ? How does the value Look compared to traditional Sports ?

its my best performing sport

Nice. Thank you

Nice results. BTW for me Esports is my worst one!! @tomrrowe Do you take any special consideration with esports???

The total yield for e-sport is 11.4% - so definitely the sport with highest yield :sunglasses:

There are only 4200 bets so far since e-sport was newly added. My guess it will go down slightly, but it’s still statistically significant.

The best results from value betting comes from e-sports

@Raphael_Molina tottaly right, I have a very good month with esports. BTW anyone having problem with Betclic, almost no bets :frowning:

@Simon what is the total yield for tennis???
Also It would be awesome if we can know the total yields of all sports!!