Exchanges taking in-play?

I’m restricted with most soft bookies now and am placing those same soft book bets on Betfair exchange with 2% commission. I’m adjusting the odds to account for the commission and placing them on Betfair with a request to keep them in play if the odds on Betfair aren’t available pre-game. Most of my bets are matched before the event or shortly after kickoff. Has anyone had any positive results with this or similar method? I was doing the same with Smarkets with zero commission charge but Smarkets have now blocked my account pending account verification which is taking forever. Betfair seems like a better alternative, especially as there is more liquidity with them. I’m just concerned with the commission rate. I have been profitable in the past with Betfair on very small stakes but am now at a loss however I’m hoping this is variance as I was due for a downswing. Any thoughts guys?

In theory, this should be profitable right? As I’m still taking odds at value above the commission too. I guess the in-play aspect is the unknown element?

Watch this vid with this time stamp, decent explanation on this strategy 50:43-52:22

Thanks I’ll check that out

Hey I’ve been wanting to do something similar. Is there anywhere I can contact you?

During the period that you say that you were profitable with Betfair, how many bets is your sample size?

the problem here is that most bets will be matched when the value has faded.

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