Expected Value calculation

Hello everybody!

I am very new around here and value betting - currently about 100 bets in. A little below EV, but doing okish :slight_smile: For sure going to continue for some time.
So I am very into the statistics and analytics part. Could you please help me understand how the Expected Value in the reports is calculated? I understand the concept of EV, what it tells me, and how I would calculate it for a “regular” probability question. However, I quite seem to fail to understand how it is calculated here. Is it somehow a (weighted) average of the “value” of each bet?

Thanks a lot!

It’s the sum of each bet’s EV :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I see it now! The Expected Profit is the sum of each bet’s EV and the percentage EV is then the Expected Profit divided by the Turnover. Makes sense!

Thank you!