Experience with SBO?

Since there’s 5% tax with most German bookies and it’s relatively hard to get value bets, I’m thinking to open an account on SBO (through bet-football as I can’t register directly) because there seem to be a great amount of value bets.
Does anyone have experiences on the platform, especially regarding max stake size (bet-football said they have 20% settlement which probably means only 1/5 of the theoretically max stake can be placed?) and limitations or odds consistency (I heard they “welcome arbers”)?

And also, what other solutions would you recommend for German value betters?

I use sbo
560 bets -29 points

SBO used to welcome arbers in the past. Now they limit stakes very quickly. As deep as to EUR 1 per bet.

then i prefere overs 2.5 trading on betfair 430 games 11% yield without problems of limited on bookies , why limited on bookies only to bet to much… not for the profits because i am on one yield from 1.2% after 4100 bets

Where did you find those bets for Betfair? Are they on VB RebelBetting PRO?

y can also find here overs 2.5 y trade these on the exchanges in play trading