Expired odds on Kambi (Unibet)


I started using the software a week ago. Everything is going fine, around 25 euros up :slight_smile: (I know that’s just luck). But! I do have some complaints, or perhaps I’m the one in the wrong.

The odds are just wrong for me often. Especially from certain sites. If we take Unibet for example. More often than not the odds that are showing on RB website is not correct when I go further to the Unibet site. This is the case for probably 50% of my “value” bets and its tidious and time consuming to always have to check.

Is it because I’m Swedish? Perhaps the software gathers odds from US based Unibet, and the Swedish version have different odds?

Thank you!

If the match doesn’t even exist, it’s most likely the Swedish law about not offering matches consisting of any youth player.

If the match and the odds exists, then 50% expired odds sounds high but not totally out of the ordinary during peak hours. (My experience is closer to 30%).

German oberliga,Youth leagues doesnt appear in Unibet. I have the same. It’s the swedish laws.

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