Explanation bankroll management for newbie please!? ^^

Hey guys!

I just started Ev positive betting. and I plan to start next week! there’s just one thing that’s holding me back and that I don’t really understand yet.
how should I handle my bankroll? Imagine I have a starting bankroll of 1000 euros. and I made around 35 bets afterwards with a stake of about 450 euros.

should I update my current bankroll to (1000 - 450 =) 650? and then plus or minus the profit of the tracker?
or should I add my remaining money + all pending bets together? I have added an example of myself. so you can check if I did it right. what I just did is include the pending bets as bankroll. because the money isn’t gone yet, technically speaking.

i have 2 different outcomes on my current bankroll. please tell me which one is right! my starting bankroll is 1000 euro! on the tracker u can see i have 98 euros pending bets, and a 22 euro profit!

so do i have to update my current bankroll this morning to 924 euro?
Or 1022 euro?

Your bankroll is what you have in play PLUS what you have in your account.
There are excellent articles written by RB that explains various bankroll strategies.

i meant current bankroll, sorry

Again, read through the articles.