Extreme bad variance this month

Am I the only one losing a lot using mostly bet365 (and a bit less unibet) this month? Not only I haven’t earned anything since the first of the month but I’m actually losing. My yield dropped from 5% to almost 3.5% (I do more than 100 bets everyday). Don’t know about other years but could it be because may is usually the month in which a lot of leagues are ending and results are even more unpredictable?

Hello friend! I’ve been down 365 days like you this week, the main loss is in tennis. But I think it’s normal

Yeah, for last 100 bets -19% yield and +3.1% clv. Pretty bad, losses mostly from tennis and basketball.

Luckily the weekend was strong and my profits came back in one day

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Lucky you, for me it seems the loss is neverending… I lost almost 2000 euros in just less than 10 days

Betting from 6 days nd this happend…….-30% of current bankroll……dont know what to expect now from this product……

I wouldn’t worry too much, I think it’s just a really bad week. I made 1300% in 4 months so I can’t really complain even if I lose 1000 euros this week. I went from 1000 to 13000

But brother thats only month when i started the valuebeting….if i had profit in starting before then it would not a problem for now

Bet365 still open? No Limit :thinking:

Yeah still open. I do have some precautions though: I play some casino and place some multiple bets on the most famous leagues in the weekends to look more like a casual bettor