Fanduel Value Bets

Has anyone else noticed that no value bets are showing up today for Fanduel? Before today I was getting lots of them for Fanduel but today there have been none.

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I have had the same issue… honestly with the amount of issues that they have been having with syncing up with ESPNBet, and now FanDuel the past few weeks I’m struggling to get my volume in that I normally do.

Pair this with their lack of fixing the house rules discrepancy on hockey that I emailed support about in October, I am struggling to justify the steep price of rebelbetting right now.

What was that hockey issue?

Hockey rules give us a real headache sometimes. Overtime rules for hockey often differ between bookmakers, and sometimes between different leagues or markets. Please verify that the overtime rules are the same on all bookmakers before placing your bets. Failure to do so might lead to unexpected losses if the game ends in a draw after regular time.

Note: We have a “HockeyNotice” warning sign on hockey bets. This is so you get a heads-up to check that the overtime rules are the same on the bookmakers. Bookmakers change rules often, and we try to keep up with those changes, but sometimes we can´t keep up with the changes, and this is why you also need to double-check the rules on both bookmakers yourself.

As I said, we are doing everything we can to keep up with the bookmaker’s Overtime rules, and we aim to only present bets with no risk of losing (i.e sure bets).