Fantastic profit result in March! 😀

The results are in! You’ve made some amazing value betting profits last month.

Check out your great profit result last month .

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Hi Hannah! How many players is that? How much profit per person?

Of those with 500 bets or more, average profit was €2480 :open_mouth: :smiley:

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Hey Simon! I started doing value betting over 2 weeks ago now, I started with a bankroll of £300 and am currently down -£100. I’m getting a little worried as I don’t think value betting is for me. I’m not getting any luck with any bets and I feel like I’d lose my bankroll before the variance starts to work in my favor. I payed for the pro version value betting but was wondering if there’s anyway I can swap out the subscription to the sure betting… I’d really appreciate it if any of the you guys can sort this out for me.

Many Thanks in advance!

Hello Betmon!

I’m afraid your bankroll is too small.
I recommend (500 € -1000 €) and max stake. 1% and use starter… ++1000€ You can use Pro🙂

That’s exactly the problem. I would like to build up my bankroll through the surebetting service before i get back to doing value betting

i would suggest you save money for a few months, and then come back.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Hey guys, can you please check my inquiry above.

Many Thanks

Contact support and we will help you switch to sure betting. This is not a support channel :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Janne.
If I bet using betinasia, is it better to use pro then?