Feature request for multiple bets on same value bet

Would appreciate the feature to place partial bets across multiple sites, since limits force you to place multiple bets across the site you have to manually calculate the wagers. Say site A lets you play 3,32€ and site B 9,83€ and site C lets you play 3,32€. You have to manually calculate it before logging the bet.

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I think you would lose more time to manually input those numbers then if you where just calculating them from your head.

The problem is that sometimes the bets disappear and new come etc, so they get lost in there.

If you are limited you would enter the maximum allowed stake until you are close to the suggested stake size. It does not have to be exact. Most bettors have entered rounding in the staking calculator so it does not have to be precise. The difference could be seen as Kelly stake of 28% to 32%…