Filters in arbitrage software

As it is right now I have baseball and hockey arbs off since most of the arbs that do show up are false.

when it comes to hockey almost all of the arbs that come up are bet365 over/under where bet365 include OT and the other bookmaker excludes OT. Or an arb where its supposed to be tie no bet but one of the bookmaker (often bet365 or betway) includes OT

In baseball the software collects the wrong data from Betsafe, Betsson and Nordicbet where its supposed to be asian handicap fulltime but the data that is collected is asian handicap for the 1st 3 innings.

This would be solved with a filter where you could uncheck specific markets and or sports from a certian bookmaker.

Having mutlitple seperate filters would also be nice. Perhaps highlighted with different colors in the arb list.

In one filter you could have all the bookmakers active and in another filter only sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges.