Filters not working properly

The filters are not working properly since the last update.
I have set filter for bets up to 24 hrs and up to odds of 2.5 and I’m getting bets outside of those filters.

The same here!

Have you reported the issue to the support?

I wasn’t able to find the option for reporting an error in the site. How can I do it?

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Hello, the link is not working. Thanks you.

It is not a bug, it was a bug before but fixed now. The settings are based on the sharp bookmaker, so you have that the bets on the sharp is supposed to be 2.5, that means value bets on softs will be higher than that.

The button should open up the support chat - does this not work for you?

Hello Hanna. Nothing, does not work for me in any browser.

Isnt working for me neither.

The filter issue is still happening btw.

Might be your adblocker messing it up (if you’re using one).

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Yes, thanks you EnLilaSko. Ublock was blocking the chat.

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