Final results with 6000 bets - £5786 Profit

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Finally decided to call it quits after being stake restricted on Bet365. I was on a big upswing and didn’t want to end up getting fully restricted on a downswing, so though it would be smart to end now. Very happy with my results and the easiest money I’ve ever made (£5.3k (minus sub costs) is definitely nothing to scoff at). I made about £500 from unibet before being restricted there, so moved everything to bet365, where I made the lions share of my profit.

I pretty much stuck with the same settings the whole time; 30% Kelly, Adjust for open bets ON, Max bet 1.5%, Min value 3.5%, Min odds 1.3, Max 2.9, 48hr till start Sun-Thur, 24hr Fri-Sat, bankroll adjusted every morning before any betting. These are solid settings that I believe can work for anyone.

Some general advice:

  • Trust the maths. I see people on here talking about how they’re going to stop betting on certain markets because they’re negative, or complaining about their results after just a few hundred bets. This is counter-productive, anyone who has had great success with value betting will tell you to BET ON EVERYTHING. There was not a market I did not bet on, any bet that came up was placed.

  • The key is to get in as many bets as you can in the shortest time possible. You will eventually get restricted, that’s just the unfortunate reality for a betting strategy that makes money. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to deposit more money and get placing those bigger stakes sooner, as that is what allowed me to make the bigger profits in the later stages of my betting time. Bigger stakes = more value from your value bets.

Finally, thanks to the marvellous people who made this product. I’m a student who really didn’t want to have to get some boring retail job to be able to continue to pursue my hobbies and buy stuff I wanted, and now I don’t have to!


Congratulations on your great profit! You are correct in saying that it’s all about placing as many bets as you possibly can.

Thank you for sharing your results in our community, and for being a customer with us this time. You are more than welcome back if you decide to continue later on. :smiley:

:clap: good job

bigger stakes=bigger returns. Value remains the same!

I meant value as in profit, worded it poorly.

why dont you keep going until youre fully restricted?

and why don’t you get a new set of accounts and keep going on?

How can you make another account? (sorry for late reply)

You can’t on the same name, I have a question for you though.

Was this a existing bet365 account or did you made it only for VB?

With what stakes did you start out on bet365 ?

What are the amounts that you deposited and in what time frames?

I am asking all these questions since I am trying to get my hands on yet another bet365 account. My first account I made was also limited at 5k profit but the 2 others I made where all limited only after 800€

by asking from peers, kins, relatives etc