Finaly hit the 10K€ club after a little less than 5 months

Today I achieved the 10K milestone, I’ve learned a lot in the last past months.

By this time I am gubbed on pretty much all bookmakers available here in Belgium, I’m fortunate enough to have some friends in the Netherlands so I could make some bet365 accounts on their name.

Unfortunately the 3 bet365 accounts are also gubbed but I still manage to make a good profit with the 3 gubbed accounts combined. This month I managed to get 1,2k€ profit with these 3 gubbed accounts.

I also started to ask some Belgian friends if I could use their Unibet account but unfortunately they limit the accounts a lot faster than bet365 (around 500€ profit per account)

There is no point in sharing my settings since the kelly and max stake aren’t relevant for me since my normal stake is usually 25€ per bet but with the bet365 accounts it isn’t always possible to place big bets. Usually around 10€ with the 3 accounts combined, on bigger leagues I can place 20-30€ though but that fucks up my kelly (I think)

Only thing that can be relevant is my min odd 1,3 and max odd 2,9

My next goal is 20k but I am not sure if and when bet365 is going to limit me to 0€ stakes.

Let me know if you have any questions


Well doneMate! Heres to the next goal!


What was your starting bankroll?

Very nice results in 5 months!! Congratulations!!

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Thank you man, my starting bankroll was 1k

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Welcome to the club!

Congratulations! :partying_face:

May I ask - what will you do with the profit? Reinvest? I´m just curious! No need to answer if you don´t want to. Keep up the good job betting!


Thanks, I am keeping 2-3k for future accounts and bets and the rest I am planning to invest them in some crypto projects since everything is down at the moment.

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(Almost) monthly update

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New milestone achieved, today I reached the 20k profit mark


Fantastic news mate!

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well done mate! i want to ask you how many hours before match starts you placing your bets?

Excellent job ! and thanks for sharing :wink:
Did you notice RB added Goldenpalace recently ? I have started betting on it and notice two things:

  • Regular bets available with good value (as expected with RB :wink: )
  • They also offer very good daily promo odds (so called “golden odds”): the difference with other bookmakers is that you can place amounts up to 50-70€ on those promo bets. So if you are not reluctant to check value of your bet by yourself, those are a good bonus to the regular value bets

Yes I’ve already used golden palace a lot, I’m pretty sure they are also using kambi as their odd provider just like unibet.

My average profit was around 700-1.2k€ profit or so before I got limited.

Interesting, I didn’t notice a perfect match between Unibet and Golden Palace, although sometime indeed it’s close. So I will dig into that to see if I can catch some extra bets. Thanks and all the best with your next bets :wink:

What I just found out tho, and that’s very good news, is that starcasino has the same odds as Golden palace. Here comes our fresh money hehe :slight_smile:

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Very interesting, I will check it out thanks for the tip!

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Did you hide low tier leagues to improve account health? Or did you go full in with all the bets available?

I go all in :sunglasses:

You are a lucky man!! Way up your clv!!