Find Value Bets

Hi guys, i have a HUGE problem with value bets. 90% of the time i don’t find the value on the bookmaker. Example: Asian Handicap, Draw No Bet and Over 2 o 3 are not available on Leovegas, Unibet and Betclic. This is really bad 'cause they are 90% of the market bets.

How you manage it?

Do you mean that the odds have changed or that you can not find the market/bet at all?

I can’t find the Over/Under 1/2/3 and AH makets in all of the bookmakers. The only one is Bet365 but they are gonna limit my account soon.
For me it doesn’t make any sense upgrade to the Pro version if there is this limit.

Had this same issue with local Nigerian bookies. No Asian handicap markets, they offer mainly European handicaps, and their OV/UN are 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc nothing like 1, 1.25, 2.25. 0.75. Bet365 is the only bookie I’m using for the now. The results and volumes so far have been astounding.

Please read this section to understand more about the naming of the different bet markets, and how they work: What bet types / markets are supported in RebelBetting?
It is possible that the naming is a bit different.

Regarding AH, If you see a quarter Asian Handicap of say -0.75 on RebelBetting, it may show up as “-0.5, -1.0” on some bookmakers like Bet365 . This is because bookmakers split the Asian Handicap bet into two halves, with half of the stake going towards one handicap and half going towards the other. Similarly, if you see an Asian Handicap of +1.75, it is the same thing as “+1.5, +2.0”

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