First 1000 Bets UK user

Just hit the 1000 bet mark.
I try to place on average 50 bets per day, and have a bankroll of £1000.
So far very happy with the results and service of being a pro member.


You don’t round stakes, how’s that played out so far for you in terms of account life?

are you saying we should round the stakes?

Yes to the nearest 5

I am doing £22 stakes. I dont get why that matters?

Staking 9, 13, 17 doesn’t look normal(looks like arbing) and might shorten account life so they say

Well a lot of the time Rebel suggest I put in a lower stake for a bet so I just copy that. Example:

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I use the starter program, so i would like to know if there are a considerable ammount of bets above 7.0% value, or it is not worth the change. Also i would like to know how is your experience with the sharps going? (in case you are betting on them)

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I currently have 18 pending bets, 8 of them are above 7% value(Highest 14%). hope that helps.

Is Smarters a sharp? I made lots of profits there, but you have to be fast to catch the odds and put the bet on.

Suggested stake size provided by rebel betting uses the Kelly formula. The Kelly formula’s main function is to decrease volatility. It however does not increase absolute returns. A slight divergence from the Kelly formula to elongate the life span of your account is well worth it. Volatility might go marginally up but volatility does not equal risk. Trust me protecting your account from restriction should be a major consideration early on in your valuebetting journey.

if u want value over 7% u have to upgrade to pro

I rarely if ever get one over 7%

Just an update i stopped using my account back in june as i started to get restricted on most of my accounts and didnt have the time to keep placing bets all day.

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Welcome back, so you up and running or calling it quits?

no point me carrying on being restricted on my most profitable accounts