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Hello everybody,

So I am quite new around here (650 bets, about 2.5 weeks) and I only bet on BetInAsia and Sportmarket. Those of you who use those know that they are a somewhat painful to bet on, because you need to be fast and many times the odds are either wrong or there is no liquidity on the market. So from the bets that turn up in RB, I only get to make about 40-50%. Those two are the only legal option in my country, so that’s what I will deal with. On the other hand, I don’t have to be stressed about bookmakers closing my accounts and getting limited and so on - which is nice as well.

So within those 650 bets I have, there are now a good 110 Pro bets - yes, I made all of those yesterday. I wasn’t making money before (yield and ROI are negative), though EV would be at 3.81% - and my downswing has continued so far.

There’s two things I noticed:

  1. I do get a lot more bets. I broke my record in number of bets per day by more than double on the first day :slight_smile: The “quality” (meaning the amount of bets I actually get to make) is still the same.

  2. my average odds have significantly increased, from 1.88 to 1.98 (and going). My settings remain unchanged (odds from 1.1 to 2.8), but I rarely get bets with odds below 2.0 now. This obviously has an effect on variance and the downswing has taken up speed :sadtoad:

  3. My time to start filter is set to 100h, because otherwise I don’t get enough bets. RB says they don’t see any statistically relevant correlation between yield and time to start, so I don’t worry. However, I do have the feeling (and this is a subjective feeling without proof) that the pro bets tend do be further in the future than the starter ones.

What are your experiences so far?


Hi There,

Really happy smarkets & Betfair have been added as well as new reference has been replaced so we can now bet against Pinnacle. Defo see the pro version as a more long term solution to the product. My volume has shot up which is great- hopefully can bring us out of this monster downswing that everyone (including myself) seems to be going thru at the moment

I think what happened in the past for a lot of people (especially in UK where I am) is that they’d use RB for couple months, abuse the soft bookies, get restricted by them, run out of options and then cancel their RB sub. With the ability now to bet on brokers and exchanges can defo see RB being a more viable long term investment rather than something that you can pick up and drop again within a few months.

I reckon the best option for newbies is to start with the standard version for a few months until they are banned on all/most soft bookies and have made a decent profit. Then if they’re serious and wanna take it further with sharper bookies & exchanges, use your ££ you made from the softs to buy a pro sub and go for it.

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ooh yes sbobets works fine pineapple also
only exchange the problem i pay 6.5% comm then i need use orbit i guess