First impressions about value bet software

looking at the site, I was enticed by the good chances of profit, I’ve been trying it for 3 days now and I must say that unfortunately I don’t think it’s worth the money it costs.
this is due to some points:

  1. autosurf almost never works, or at least it doesn’t work on the brokers I’ve tried.
  2. the value bets are very few
  3. not working the autosurf placing bets becomes really complex because the odds change quickly
  4. many times it happened to me that the quota was not true
  5. many sites cannot be reached from my country or at least they are not set correctly because if I log in from firefox they work
  6. on the site the chances of earning are much praised, but with my bankroll of 300 € and if all
    goes well placing 30 bets a day maybe I earn 5%, but if I have to renew your subscription half of my gain is canceled ( as long as I have a profit)
  7. although the odds have changed, the program continues to give me it even though 10 minutes have passed.
  8. on the site it was also said that it took little time to place bets but this depends on whether there are value bets otherwise I am forced to watch every hour of the day and this is very inconvenient.

For € 69 a month I expected a program without these bugs or something efficient, I don’t think I will be able to be in profit after the first month, I will try anyway because now I bought it.
At present I am already at a loss.
Mine is not meant to be an attack but constructive criticism and perhaps the reporting of some problems that I do not see having been reported.

First of all I need to mention that I am a newbie also, but after 2 weeks of RB, I am really satisfied.

There is a big difference between the web version and the desktop app. You should definitely use the first one, because I had some similar problems with the desktop app.

On the other hand, I must agree, that, it is really important at which bookmaker you place your bets. I started with Unibet, 888sport, Netbet and a local one, which is not implemented into RB, but you can find really good values there manually. Netbet is really not worth it, I withdraw all my money after just 1 week, I was barely able to place 1 or 2 bets, per day, after many attempts, because the odds were changed as soon as I got to the match, or even before, the problems you mentioned. I moved to Sportingbet and it is functioning perfect. I have several accounts at those 4 bookies and I place at least 80 bets per day (average), which I think is a little bit hard for somebody who doesn’t work in front of a computer, but for me it’s really convenient.

Last, but not least, I tried the autosurf function on the first day, 888sport blocked me for a day, after that I never attempted to do so. I see the values and I search for the matches manually, which takes no more than 2 seconds in plus per match.

I hope I was able to help you a little bit, because I know the feeling after 3 days of using RB. The first month should be an accommodation period, using a small bankroll, because you have to learn many things from your mistakes. I advise you to keep trying, for me RB is working perfect. The most important part is, that you should choose the bookmakers really carefully.

now im use bet365, sportingbet is blocked from my country, after 200 bet my profit is -12 euro.
I will try, I will try until the end of the subscription month, I am still very doubtful about the profitability of this software, since more than being mathematics or variance it is a matter of luck and if I have to go to luck I might as well bet.
I’m trying the webapp and it seems to be more truthful than the desktop app.
I place at least 30 bets a day.
my stake is 30% max 1% my bankroll now is 300 euros.
at this rate it is already a miracle if I can recover the money of the subscription month.