First Month Results & Thoughts


I thought I would share my results from my first month and my thoughts about the results.

I purchased the starter pack which cost 174 NZ$.

I put 1140 NZ$ into three separate accounts, those accounts were Bet365, Unibet and William Hill. Over the course of the month (plus the two free weeks) I placed 900 bets, with a total turnover of 7798 NZD.

Bets with Bet365 - 726 (profit of 374 NZ$)
Bets with Unibet - 153 (loss 174 NZ$)
Bets with William Hill - 21 (profit of 16$)

The stats according to the Rebel Betting site shows a total profit of 230 NZ$, with a ROI of 20%.

The ROI on the site doesn’t take into account the 174$ that I spent in purchasing the starter pack for a month. Once that has been added my total profit for the month is 56NZ$ with a ROI of 4.52%.

My thoughts:

While it is nice to have turned a profit, it was a lot of work for 56 dollars, my reasoning for this is that I could have worked an extra two hours in my actual job this month for more than 56 dollars.

Considering this, I personally find the price of the starter pack to high and will probably not purchase another month.

I did find the experience really interesting an am pleased I gave it a go.

Hi Ziggy, thank you for sharing.

I do not agree with your conclusion though (besides that I agree that the cost of subscription should be taken into consideration when calculating ROI) since you have few bets for a 6 week period (only 900 bets) and your average stake size is only 9 NZD (about 5 Euro). That stake size is slightly higher then on limited accounts…
If you turned over bankroll more frequently (by placing more bets) and had a bigger BR to start with your profit would easily have tripled.
BTW, welcome to the community.

Thank you for your reply totrashbin,

I think you make some interesting points. Yes, a bigger BR is certainly something I should look at and fortunately I am capable of increasing the BR. So that is something I would consider.

With regards, to number of bets, I suppose comes down to commitment to goal. Again something that can always be improved.

Having thought about those two points I think it is worth persevering with.

Thank you for offering a different perspective.

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