First month using rebel betting pro

I used the 2 week free trial with £200 and I had a profit of round £50-£60 and so I then decided to buy the pro version of value betting. It’s been just over 4 weeks now of using the pro version, and these are my statistics. Any tips on not getting banned easily or useful information, since I have already been limited by Williamhill, but my bet365 account is still going well. Also any recommendations on good bookmakers with lots of value bets in the UK except bet365,williamhill and 10bet?


Bet365 are easily the best and all my bets are with them now. I used to use UniBet too, but got limited after around £500 profit on there, however I would recommend them too, as they’re probably 2nd best for UK users. Honestly, when I get limited on Bet365 I’m gonna stop (£3.5k profit with them so far), as there are just no other bookmakers that compare.

People will give tips on how to ‘avoid getting limited’, but in my opinion most of them are useless. You might hear ‘don’t bet on obscure games, stick to top leagues’, pointless advice as the large majority of bets will be on obscure games and you’ll miss out on loads of value. It seems to be some people just get limited earlier than others, some on here have been limited on Bet365 very quick, others have been going for months and have placed thousands of bets with them. It seems to just be luck, as I’ve done nothing to try and make my account look ‘less suspicious’, but I’m £3.5k up. Just get as many value bets with them as you possibly can until you eventually get limited.

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