First time user results

First update after a week and 250 bets placed, still no real profit.

Keep at it, you’ve got impressive clv and yield will converge towards it in the long-run.

Thanks, had a really good day yesterday. Starting to get soft limited on a lot of bookies already tho.

My first 500+ bets. Just cant seem to stay in a positive return.


Already limited at 32Red, Sky, Unibet, BetUK and Parimatch, BetVictor (all at around 20 bets)

I know I’m going to be told to just keep going but its disheartening with everybody seems to be making money apart from me. Not sure how people are able to do thousands of bets anyway because it feels like I’ll run out of bookies before that.

I think u should be doing this for at least a month and 1000+ bets before jumping to any conclusions . But I certainly agree getting limited on a lot of bookies early on is frustrating.

How can you be limited by bookies when you’ve basically won such a limited amount of money making small bets?

I don’t know, but it’s mostly on lower leagues where I’m limited in my staking size.

Its really frustrating to only do 20 small bets and get limited. Do you not have the same problems? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I saw another user say they had put over 1k bets on at BetVictor but I managed less than 20 before they stopped me betting.

I am from America - so maybe bookies act differently in Europe. I can tell you that before I started the 30 day trial with RebelBet I had been betting on my own for a very long time. This past year I put through more than $250k and never ever had an issue with any bookie.

What is the point of bookies being in business if they are just going to limit what you can bet? I don’t understand the logic. I have friends who bet $10k / day. I have accounts and unlimited access to eight bookies. They will take any amount of deposit and at this point any bet amount. I can say I’ve never bet more than $500 on any one wager.

They are definitely more strict in Europe then.

yeah European books are s***.

So how realistic is it to be able to do thousands of bets over the long term if you’re in the UK?

Betting in many places in the US is still a new thing and bookies are more focused on taking the market than optimizing their profits. Whereas in Europe many well-established bookmakers are putting a ton of effort into figuring out who’s profitable and who’s a long-term losing customer.

Eventually, it’ll come to the US as well :slight_smile:

What’s “long term”? You can keep on cycling through bookies until each limits you and you’ll run out.

Also, keep in mind that some bookies are owned by the same company so getting limited on one can mean getting limited on all of them.

i’m not in the UK, but speaking from where i am, it is realistic thanks to multi-accounting

1.5 Weeks in, 600 Bets placed. Had my best day yet today, almost at 1000 euro profit.

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2 week update, almost 1500 euro profit. I’m putting more lower value bets to get more bets in. But I’m getting limited quite fast on a lot of bookies.

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they limit early on if you have bets with CLV on niche markets, you need to have at least 50 neg clv or neutral clv bets to start on most books to avoid that.

2000 + euro profit and almost at 1000 bets, after 2.5 weeks.