First Week - 445 bets results

Hi all - new here, but read a lot before starting. Had a great start earlier this week but since then I’ve been struggling to be close to my CLV - what am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome.
What do you mean with “am I doing something wrong”? You said that you read a lot about the value betting then you should understand that you can not draw conclusions based on 500 bets. Furthermore your yield is positive and you did not post any of your settings…
So… :question:

Here are my settings:


It looks good. Maybe you can raise the min level? At least on weekends, when there are many bets available, raise the min to 4 or higher and reduce time to start.
Weekdays you can go lower and increase time to start.
Most players have AFOB turned off.

Then you only need to put down lots of bets!