First Week of my betting

Not really impressed!

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You haven’t even placed 1000 bets yet. This is perfectly normal variance, be patient, keep betting as much as you can.

Do check your settings though. I haven’t switched from the defaults too much & it’s going fine, but I am a low stakes/high volume sort of guy. I lowered my max odds to reduce the variance, then sort by event start date. 6 weeks in and I’m just started to manually limit stakes on certain events - tennis mostly and I won’t bet on tennis more than 15 or 16 hours away - as that doesn’t seem to work out for me - though my pal makes a killing on it, so who knows! Oh and the bankroll needs updating every day or so.

How would that little extra payment you get from each win have time to cause a difference in only 300 bets? If your bets win or lose are random, its just that you get payed a little more than you should when you DO win a bet. That could take several thousands of bets to cause a difference.